Petrea's Post, 5/18/2020

Morning Message

Our ZOOM call will be at 10:00 this WEDNESDAY!  At 12:30 on Wednesday, some of the teachers will be driving along the bus routes to wave goodbye!  

Lesson Options: 

I placed a cursive handwriting packet in your brown bags.  You may want to work on that over the summer.  

You can also work on the heat section of the science journals that I put in the brown bag.  

I am attaching a Covid Time Capsule.  This would be a great way to capture what life  is like for you right now.  When you are finished, put it somewhere safe.  In the future, when people ask about living during 2020, you can share your memory book with them. Download Covid Time Capsule

Mrs, Flacke has posted a final writing assignment. This week the choice is yours! Select a prompt from the May Writing Choice Board. Submit ALL prompts in Writable in paragraph form using complete sentences. Have fun!

She also posted Summer Writing and Reading Learning Opportunities. You can find them on her blog.  Mrs. Flacke's Blog

I absolutely love this Dear Hero activity.  If you do this, please send me a picture too!  

Have a great Monday!  



Petrea's Post, 5/14/2020

Good Morning Message

Due West Virtual Field Day/Week

The Petrea Post Newsletter

Farewell Zoom is today at 10:30!  I sent the information via e-mail yesterday.

Lesson Options:  

Create a Book Talk for Mrs. Airman's Flipgrid!  I loved watching them today.  Let me know if you do, and I'll add to your DW dollars!  Click on the link for more information and a copy of the Smart Owl Book Review we used at school.  Flipgrid is SO fun to use!

Brainpop:  Assigned movie and quiz "Water Safety"

Zearn, First in Math, Freckle 

Spiral Review and/or Out of this World Operations!


Petrea's Post, 5/13/2020

Good Morning Message

Due West Field Day/Week

Mrs. Flacke's Writable Wednesday Zoom is today at noon.   I e-mailed the information.

Lesson Options: 

NewsELA: Newsela—search under Bike Safe, Tech Company CEO’s New Project Seeks to Make Bike Riding Safer

MyOn:  Go into the News tab and search "bikes."  Several articles will come up.  Read one that interests you and try out some of the features on the right (short video, slideshow, facts, etc.).  There is even a read aloud option.

For math, be sure to practice math facts and go Freckle, Zearn, First in Math to continue adapted practice.  Work on the Spiral Review worksheet.  

For a challenge, print this math computation activity. Download Out of this world operations!

Don't forget our Zoom tomorrow is a Farewell Zoom with all of third grade and Mrs.  Kale and Mrs. Laverty at 10:30.  

Petrea's Post, 5/12/2020

Good Morning Message

Due West Field Day/Week

Lesson Options:

MyOn:  Bike Safety: A Crash Course, Simple Bike Maintenance: Time for a Tune-up!, or All Kinds of Bikes

Writable:  Mrs. Flacke will print off this assignment so that the new third graders can read what you wrote!

Go to BrainPOP (not BrainpopJR) and watch the movie that I assigned on Bicycle Saftey.  Take the quiz and try some other activities to go along with it.  

Be sure to get in some math practice: Freckle, Zearn, First in Math, math workbooks, or the spiral review.  Keep practicing your math facts!

Petrea's Post, 5/11/2020

Good Morning Message 

We are the Class of the Day!  Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done in third grade!!  It's a beautiful day and I'd love to see you do some fun activities outside.  

In the Morning Message, Mrs. Houser shows us a video of our playground and tells about Field Day activities.  Check out Coach Strong's blog for more information.  

I love the art lesson Mrs. Waters posted for the week. ART CHALLENGE FOR 5/11-5/15: Create a sidewalk/driveway chalk art drawing where you (your actual physical body) is part of the challenge.  See Mrs. Waters' blog for examples.

MyOn:  Search for Ride Right:  Bicycle Safety.  Read the book, click ok, rate it, save your rating, and take the review quiz.  Go outside and ride your bike!

Writable:  The year is almost over! Next year, a new student will sit in your desk! What can you teach them now that will help them be a successful student in your grade? Write an informational essay that answers this prompt: What are the most important things to know about third/fourth grade? Third graders will write all they know about third grade. Fourth graders will write all they have learned about being a fourth grader.  See Mrs. Flacke's blog for more directions and be sure to use this Download Graphic Organizer_Flacke third-fourth grade prompt to help you write your essay.  I can't wait to read this writing!

Be sure to get in some math practice:  Freckle, Zearn, First in Math, math workbooks, or this spiral review Download Spiral Review May 11-14 2.

Don't forget the pick-up date this Friday!  I will have your science books with your things so you can use it to finish our unit on heat.  I will also include a cursive handwriting packet for you to use at home.  


Petrea's Post, 5/7/2020

Morning Message

My newsletter - The Petrea Post

Be sure to read my newsletter for lots of information and links to the Due West Virtual Folder, Mrs. Flacke's Newsletter, and Coach Strong's Blog (Field Day info).

Since Field Day is tomorrow, please use today to catch up on previous assignments.  Scroll back through the last few weeks on my blog to look for digital and paper lessons.

Have a GREAT day!  See you at 3:00!


Petrea's Post, 5/6/2020

Check out the Masked Singer Morning Message

This is a Wacky Wednesday with a lot going on!  

Writing Wednesday with Mrs. Flacke will be at 2:00 today.  I e-mailed the link.  Work on her Writable assignment if you haven't already.  

Due West will have a private, Live-Streaming performance by Rob from Didgeridoo Down Under! 1:15 - 2:00 pm TODAY

Use the link and password that I e-mailed you to join us as we learn about this ancient, unusual instrument!

Today is National School Nurse's Day.
Please join us in celebrating our very own Nurse Flowers!
Print out the sign that I e-mailed you or make your own and sign your names to it.
Go onto our "We LOVE Nurse Flowers" padlet and post a video or picture holding the sign. If you aren't able to get on Padlet, you could always e-mail her some kind words.  ([email protected])

Be sure to practice math facts!  Freckle and First in Math are great sites for this!  Continue working in your math books and on the task cards.


Nurse Flowers Padlet

We will share these greetings with Nurse Flowers!


Our Zoom meeting will be tomorrow at 3:00.


Petrea's Post, 5/5/2020

Happy Birthday Brody!!!

Who's going to be the Masked Singer today on the Morning Message?  

Morning Message

Our Zoom call this week will be on Thursday at 3:00.  We are having another Mystery Guest!  

Read the article "Thermal Energy" on NewsELA and take the quiz.

Work on Writable for Mrs. Flacke.

For math, continue to work in your workbook, go to Freckle or First in Math (through Clever), work on the multi-step word problem task cards, or work on Zearn.  Practice your math facts!!!

Here's a Bill Nye, The science Guy, video on heat. Bill Nye

 I hope you'll have a chance to make a solar oven this week or next.  Don't forget to save your oven to show on our Zoom.