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Happy Tuesday! I challenge you to take quizzes in Myon! The quiz is under the review section. You don't have the option to take an AR test, but I can see your review quizzes and the books you've read. Yesterday Ace, Jillian, and Lauren made 100% on the quizzes they took! I'll give two Due West dollars for each quiz you take (80% or higher).

In Studies Weekly continue your study of Ancient America to Colonization - Week 14: The New England Colonies – “The New England Colonies”

Continue on Freckle - ELA and Math

Brainpopjr "Time to the Minute" - you should see the assignment in your dashboard

Time Task Cards for extra practice: Download Task-cards-time-1minute_QPIFO

Writable for Flacke

Has anyone tried Sora or Library Pass? They are both apps that allow you access to online books. If you try them, let me know what you think!
Download Sora directions March 2020

Download PASS letter for parents

Have a fantastic Tuesday!


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