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Petrea's Post, 3/27/2020

Good morning! It’s Due West Spirit Day! Can you wear our colors?

Make sure you received my e-mail about the Zoom conference at noon. This will be our practice run as we figure it out together.  

Today I want you to look back at the assignments from the last two weeks and work on some activities that you haven’t gotten to. Take your learning time to catch up.  

  • Have you tried Freckle?
  • Have you completed the narrative Writable assignment from Mrs. Flacke?
  • Have you read some assigned articles in NewsELA?
  • Did you visit Studies Weekly (Ancient America to Colonization) Week 13, to learn about Early English Colonies or watch the Brainpopjr, “Thirteen Colonies” and complete some of the activities that go along with it.
  • Have you worked on any lessons in Zearn?
  • Were there some videos or worksheets you meant to get to?
  • Or maybe you should check out the music, art , or PE blogs for activities.
  •  And always practice your math facts and independent read!

See you on Zoom at noon!


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