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Good morning!  Here are the newsletter links for our "Virtual Thursday Folders." Petrea Newsletter Flacke Newsletter

Lesson options:
Check out this read aloud by Mrs. Airman! Mrs. Airman read aloud

I’ve heard great feedback about Freckle! You can navigate to it through Clever. They will send me a daily e-mail letting me know your progress. I am looking forward to seeing who tried it out! I added an ELA assignment to your dashboard in Freckle, but feel free to navigate around and complete activities in any section.

Complete the narrative Writable assignment from Mrs. Flacke. She will read and score your work.

In NewsELA, read “Clothing in Colonial America" or any other assignment that you haven’t completed. I am working on reading and scoring your written responses. You are doing GREAT!

Finish up Studies Weekly (Ancient America to Colonization) Week 13, Early English Colonies.

In Brainpopjr, search for “Thirteen Colonies” and watch the video. Complete some of the activities that go along with it.

For math, go to Clever and click on Freckle. You should see the assignments in your dashboard. This is adaptive practice which means as you progress, the question difficulty adjusts automatically, so you will be practicing at just the right level. I also assigned multiplication fact practice. Keep working in Zearn – many of you are rocking it!

You are doing a FANTASTIC job learning from home!


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