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Petrea's Post, 3/30/2020

Good morning! Here are some lesson options for today.  Remember to work for two hours (with breaks in between) on a combination of Reading, Writing, and math! 

Studies Weekly (Through Clever) – Ancient America to Colonization - Week 14: The New England Colonies – “Puritans on Parade”

Freckle (through clever) – Work on your assignments in ELA and math.

BrainpopJr – Navigate to “Time to the Minute” and watch the movie, complete the quiz and complete one additional activity.

Download Time 1

Download Time 2

Does your family have an analog clock? Display it in your work area and practice telling time throughout the day.

Writable: You should have this Science prompt on Writable: Choose an animal and write what you know about it, but don't tell what kind of animal it is! See if your readers can guess your animal based on your details and descriptive words!

Remember to take a quiz if you read a book in MyOn!  This week I will give 2 Due West Dollars for each quiz you take!


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