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Petrea's Post, 4/29/2020

Petrea's Post, 4/28/2020

Mrs. Waters is literally screaming in the Morning Message!!

Morning Message

The Specialists are starting their very own Zoom call offered each Wednesday. It will be 1:15-1:30 for 3-5. Mr. Duff, Mrs. Water, Coach Strong and Mrs. Houser will be there to give exciting information about PE, Music and Art weekly activities. Mrs. Airman and the counselors may pop in as well.  I am e-mailing the meeting ID and password.

Lesson Options:

Science/Social Studies:

MyOn. Click the search button and type in the word "heat." Read the book called "The Science Behind Heat." 

BrainpopJr Watch the "Heat" video, take the quiz, and complete some of the activities.

Studies Weekly Click on "Ancient America to Colonization." Go to Week 17, "The Southern Colonies" and read through the articles/watch the videos.

In Writable, work on the "Giving Tree" writing assignment. 

For math be sure to practice math facts! Work on Freckle (assignments and/or adapted practice) or First In Math. Continue working on the Earth Day word problems that were e-mailed yesterday.

If you need a break from screen time, you could begin working on Chapter 9, lessons 5-8 in your My Math workbook.  The McGraw-Hill link in Clever has a video clip and tutorials for each lesson under Lesson Resources.


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