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Petrea's Post, 4/14/2020

Petrea's Post, 4/13/2020

Welcome back! I hope you had a great break and are ready to get back to work! Try to get in two hours a day! Did you see my post from Miss Gabby?

Red color team

It’s Pioneer Pride Color Week! Show PRIDE for your color by wearing your team color, eating your team color foods, or searching for your team color inside and outside your home! Post pictures to the Padlet!

Padlet Link

Lesson Options:
Freckle – Math and ELA practice (adapted practice and assigned tasks)

Studies Weekly Georgia Studies Weekly, Ancient America to Colonization, Week 15, “More New England Colonies.”

McGraw-Hill My Math Workbooks (choose any pages) You should be able to access the videos and other resources that go with it through Clever. Click on McGraw-Hill link.

Start reading Peter Pan. I will send some discussion questions later in the week.

As always Myon, BrainpopJr, Zearn...curl up with a good book, write in a journal, practice math fact flashcards.

Mrs. Flacke has posted a new assignment to Writable:

Here is the Writable assignment for Third and Fourth Graders for the week of 4/13-4/16

Read the two Scholastic articles on the Hottest and the Coldest place on Earth!

Write an essay that compares and contrasts the hottest and the coldest place on Earth. First,
begin with an introduction paragraph that introduces these two places. Next, write a middle
paragraph that compares the two places. Write all about how the two places are the same.
Then, write another paragraph that contrasts the two places. Write all about how the places
are different. Finally, write a conclusion paragraph that wraps it all up and leaves your
reader with something to think about.

See Mrs. Flacke’s Blog for more information. Flacke Blog

Click here for Writable:   Writable

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Have a great day everybody!




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