Petrea's Post, 4/14/2020
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Petrea's Post, 4/15/2020

Has anyone tried Sora?  If you are ready for some more options for your independent reading, it's a great place to go.  Mrs. Airman explains how to access it in this short video.

Sora Directions

Lesson Options:
Freckle – Math and ELA practice (adapted practice and assigned tasks) - 8 students worked on this yesterday!

Start reading Peter Pan. I will send some discussion questions tomorrow.

Myon - Great job on your quizzes yesterday Jenna, Genevieve, and Anaya! Here are the steps to find the quizzes (Talya sent them to me).
1. Clicking the okay button after reading a book
2. Rate the 5 stars after clicking the button
3. Then click the blue button to save the review
4. The test will then pop up for you to complete
5. Press okay after you finish the test to submit

Work on Mrs. Flacke ‘s assignment in Writable.

Studies Weekly Georgia Studies Weekly, Ancient America to Colonization, Week 15, “More New England Colonies.” Watch the video and read the articles “Thomas Hooker” and “A New Nation.”

BrainpopJr - I added a new movie to your dashboard on elapsed time (Jillian and Talya watched it yesterday!). Watch the video, take a quiz, and compete some of the activities that go with it.

McGraw-Hill My Math Workbooks - You should be able to access the videos and other resources that go with it through Clever by clicking on the McGraw-Hill link. This week I’d like you to work on Chapter 11 and complete Lesson 5, Tell Time to the Minute, and Lesson 6, Time Intervals (pages 659 – 670).

Don't forget our ZOOM tomorrow with our special guest!


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