Petrea's Post, 4/13/2020
Petrea's Post, 4/15/2020

Petrea's Post, 4/14/2020

Hi everybody!  I hope your learning at home is going well and you were able to get back to the swing of things yesterday.  Our ZOOM call this week will be on Thursday at noon instead of Friday.  We will have a Mystery Guest this week!

Lesson Options:
Freckle – Math and ELA practice (adapted practice and assigned tasks) Matteo and Genevieve knocked it out of the park with Freckle yesterday!!

Start reading Peter Pan. I will send some discussion questions later in the week.

Myon - Great job on your quizzes yesterday Ace and Talya!

Work on Mrs. Flacke ‘s assignment in Writable.  I e-mailed you the link to join her "Writing Wednesday" Zoom tomorrow at 12:00.

Studies Weekly - Georgia Studies Weekly, Ancient America to Colonization, Week 15, “More New England Colonies.” I enjoyed the article “A New England Primer.” Can you imagine all grades being in one room? Can anyone write a couplet? If you do, send it to me! Read “The Bucher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker. ” If I lived in colonial times, I would probably have been a teacher because both my parents were teachers. What job would you have liked to do in the colonies? E-mail me and let me know. Tell me your reasons why.

BrainpopJr - I added a new movie to your dashboard on elapsed time. Watch the video, take a quiz, and compete some of the activities that go with it.

McGraw-Hill My Math Workbooks - You should be able to access the videos and other resources that go with it through Clever by clicking on the McGraw-Hill link. This week, work on Chapter 11 and complete Lesson 5, Tell Time to the Minute, and Lesson 6, Time Intervals (pages 659 – 670).


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