Petrea's Post, 4/21/2020
Petrea's Post, 4/23/2020

Petrea's Post, 4/22/2020

It's Earth Day!  


Morning Message

PE/Coach Strong

Lesson Options:
First in Math

Freckle – Math and ELA practice (adapted practice and assigned tasks)

Peter Pan, read on Sora or Myon, or read a book of your choice

Work on Mrs. Flacke's  assignment in Writable.  Writing Wednesday Zoom is today at noon (link was sent via e-mail). 

Studies Weekly Georgia Studies Weekly, Ancient America to Colonization, Week 16, “The Middle Colonies.” Read the articles “Which Stitch Will Make Life Rich” and “Mapping the Middle Colonies.”

BrainpopJr – Check your dashboard for assignments.

McGraw-Hill My Math Workbooks

Elapse Time Worksheets

Download Elapsed time 1

Download Elapsed time 2


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