Petrea's Post, 4/22/2020
Petrea's Post

Petrea's Post, 4/23/2020

Morning Message

ZOOM call today at Noon!  Be prepared to share one way you are helping the Earth!  We will have another Mystery Guest!!!

The Petrea Post Newsletter

Mrs. Flacke's Newsletter

Lesson Options:
For ELA today, I would love for you to watch the video “Being a Wide-Awake Reader by Asking and Answering Questions.” This is a lesson by Mrs. Shiers, the K-5 ELA Professional Learning Specialist for CCSD. You might recognize Mrs. Shiers! She has taught a couple of lessons to our class.

Wide-Awake Reader

NewsELA – “The History of Earth Day” or "Ten Ways to Help Save the Earth"

First in Math

Freckle – Math and ELA practice (adapted practice and assigned tasks)

Peter Pan, read on Sora or Myon, or read a book of your choice. Are you a wide-awake reader?

Work on Mrs. Flacke ‘s assignment in Writable.

Studies Weekly Georgia Studies Weekly, Ancient America to Colonization, Week 16, “The Middle Colonies.” Finish up Week 16. Read and discuss “Think and Review.”

BrainpopJr – Check your dashboard for assignments.

McGraw-Hill My Math Workbooks

Download Elasped Time 3

Download Elapsed time 4


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