Petrea's Post, 4/2/2020
Message from Miss Gabby

Petrea's Post, 4/3/2020

Today I want you to look back at the assignments from the last three weeks and see if you can try something different.  It's a catch up day!

Did you read a book on MyOn?  Gavin, Jillian, and Natalia all took a quiz yesterday and made 80% or higher!

Have you tried Freckle?

Have you completed the Writable assignment for Mrs. Flacke?

Did you check your dashboard in Brainpopjr and watch the assigned videos?

Have you read some assigned articles in NewsELA?

Did you visit Studies Weekly (Ancient America to Colonization) Week 14, to learn about the New England Colonies?

Have you worked on any lessons in Zearn?

Did you do the review worksheets?

Did you check out the music, art , or PE blogs for activities?

Did you practice your math facts?

See you on Zoom at noon!



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