Petrea's Post, 5/14/2020
Petrea's Post, 5/19/2020

Petrea's Post, 5/18/2020

Morning Message

Our ZOOM call will be at 10:00 this WEDNESDAY!  At 12:30 on Wednesday, some of the teachers will be driving along the bus routes to wave goodbye!  

Lesson Options: 

I placed a cursive handwriting packet in your brown bags.  You may want to work on that over the summer.  

You can also work on the heat section of the science journals that I put in the brown bag.  

I am attaching a Covid Time Capsule.  This would be a great way to capture what life  is like for you right now.  When you are finished, put it somewhere safe.  In the future, when people ask about living during 2020, you can share your memory book with them. Download Covid Time Capsule

Mrs, Flacke has posted a final writing assignment. This week the choice is yours! Select a prompt from the May Writing Choice Board. Submit ALL prompts in Writable in paragraph form using complete sentences. Have fun!

She also posted Summer Writing and Reading Learning Opportunities. You can find them on her blog.  Mrs. Flacke's Blog

I absolutely love this Dear Hero activity.  If you do this, please send me a picture too!  

Have a great Monday!  




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