Petrea's Post, 5/4/2020
Petrea's Post, 5/6/2020

Petrea's Post, 5/5/2020

Happy Birthday Brody!!!

Who's going to be the Masked Singer today on the Morning Message?  

Morning Message

Our Zoom call this week will be on Thursday at 3:00.  We are having another Mystery Guest!  

Read the article "Thermal Energy" on NewsELA and take the quiz.

Work on Writable for Mrs. Flacke.

For math, continue to work in your workbook, go to Freckle or First in Math (through Clever), work on the multi-step word problem task cards, or work on Zearn.  Practice your math facts!!!

Here's a Bill Nye, The science Guy, video on heat. Bill Nye

 I hope you'll have a chance to make a solar oven this week or next.  Don't forget to save your oven to show on our Zoom.  


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