Petrea's Post, 5/5/2020
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Petrea's Post, 5/6/2020

Check out the Masked Singer Morning Message

This is a Wacky Wednesday with a lot going on!  

Writing Wednesday with Mrs. Flacke will be at 2:00 today.  I e-mailed the link.  Work on her Writable assignment if you haven't already.  

Due West will have a private, Live-Streaming performance by Rob from Didgeridoo Down Under! 1:15 - 2:00 pm TODAY

Use the link and password that I e-mailed you to join us as we learn about this ancient, unusual instrument!

Today is National School Nurse's Day.
Please join us in celebrating our very own Nurse Flowers!
Print out the sign that I e-mailed you or make your own and sign your names to it.
Go onto our "We LOVE Nurse Flowers" padlet and post a video or picture holding the sign. If you aren't able to get on Padlet, you could always e-mail her some kind words.  ([email protected])

Be sure to practice math facts!  Freckle and First in Math are great sites for this!  Continue working in your math books and on the task cards.


Nurse Flowers Padlet

We will share these greetings with Nurse Flowers!


Our Zoom meeting will be tomorrow at 3:00.



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