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Petrea's Post, 5/11/2020

Good Morning Message 

We are the Class of the Day!  Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done in third grade!!  It's a beautiful day and I'd love to see you do some fun activities outside.  

In the Morning Message, Mrs. Houser shows us a video of our playground and tells about Field Day activities.  Check out Coach Strong's blog for more information.  

I love the art lesson Mrs. Waters posted for the week. ART CHALLENGE FOR 5/11-5/15: Create a sidewalk/driveway chalk art drawing where you (your actual physical body) is part of the challenge.  See Mrs. Waters' blog for examples.

MyOn:  Search for Ride Right:  Bicycle Safety.  Read the book, click ok, rate it, save your rating, and take the review quiz.  Go outside and ride your bike!

Writable:  The year is almost over! Next year, a new student will sit in your desk! What can you teach them now that will help them be a successful student in your grade? Write an informational essay that answers this prompt: What are the most important things to know about third/fourth grade? Third graders will write all they know about third grade. Fourth graders will write all they have learned about being a fourth grader.  See Mrs. Flacke's blog for more directions and be sure to use this Download Graphic Organizer_Flacke third-fourth grade prompt to help you write your essay.  I can't wait to read this writing!

Be sure to get in some math practice:  Freckle, Zearn, First in Math, math workbooks, or this spiral review Download Spiral Review May 11-14 2.

Don't forget the pick-up date this Friday!  I will have your science books with your things so you can use it to finish our unit on heat.  I will also include a cursive handwriting packet for you to use at home.  



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