Veteran's Day



We are learning about Veteran's Day over the next several weeks using some of the books and materials above.  We will be focusing on the meaning of Veteran's Day while expanding our vocabulary, working on listening comprehension, grammar, comparing/contrasting, predicting, and describing.  


Happy Halloween!



Hi Parents,

I hope that everyone is having a happy fall!  I am continuing my unit on "Room on the Broom" with my younger students .  I have taken a picture of some of the materials we are using.  I get many of my materials on Teachers Pay Teachers including these from The Speech Attic.  We are working on sequencing, story retell, answering wh- and yes/no questions, following directions, describing, and synonyms, and antonyms.  Happy Halloween!  



Room on the Broom



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In several of my speech groups we are going to start a unit on "Room on the Broom".  I thought that this would be a fun way to welcome fall.  It is about a witch that is flying through the air when the wind blows away her hat, bow, and then her wand!  Three helpful characters find the missing items.  In return, they want to ride on the witch's broom.  That's when they run into trouble!  

Graphic Organizers


Hi Parents,

I love graphic organizers!  They are great at helping us visualize and shape our ideas.  We have been using Venn diagrams to work on comparing and contrasting elements from "The Giving Tree" over the past week.  The students compared and contrasted what the tree in the book gave to the boy versus what real trees give to us.  If your child has difficulty organizing his or her thoughts graphic organizers are always a great place to start, especially when doing writing assignments.  Have a great week!

"The Giving Tree"


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I hope that everyone had a fabulous Fall Break!  It was nice to have some time to rest and relax.  Several of my groups are reading "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein.  The kids love this book!  It is a classic about love, kindness, and giving.  It is great for making inferences.

Happy Fall Break!



Hi Parents,

I can't believe that fall break is already here!  The beginning of the school year has flown by so quickly.  I have truly enjoyed getting to know your children over the past couple of months and am looking forward to a great year.  I wish your family a safe and restful fall break!  

"The Pout Pout Fish Goes to School"


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In my younger elementary groups we are reading "The Pout Pout Fish Goes to School" by Deborah Diesen.  It is a fun book to start the school year about a fish who goes to school for the first time.  He is nervous and doesn't know what to expect.  He enters several different classes and can't find his teacher.  Mr. Fish realizes that he can't do the work in each class and decides to leave.  Finally, at the end his teacher appears and helps him find his classroom.  There he finds other fish like him and work that he can do.  The kids really like this book and are learning new words such as smooch, plop, corridor, frown, shy, peek, rhombus, doubt, confidence, and pride.  We are also working on story grammar and story retell.  

Articulation activities

Hi Parents,

I hope that everyone had a nice weekend!  I just wanted to take a minute to post a helpful website for working on articulation.  Just click on the link below....

Articulation activities

This is a fun way for your child to get a little extra practice.  Just scroll down to find your child's sound.  Have a great week! 

"Elmer" sequencing activity

Several of my groups did this fun sequencing activity for the unit we are doing on "Elmer".  I often simplify the books we read using pictures.  Next, I have the students put the pictures in order and use them and Braidy The Story Braid to retell the story.  We had a great week in speech and hope you did too!

Elmer sequencing




I love doing literacy units!  You will find that I do them often with my students.  It is a great way to work on many language goals and objectives.  Right now I am doing a unit on "Elmer" with my early elementary students.  Elmer is a colorful elephant that learns it's okay to be different.  We are currently reading the book.  As we read we will discuss the different story grammar elements.  We will be  learning new vocabulary like "herd", "patchwork", and "different".  Additionally, we will also sequence and retell the story and discuss the different feelings the characters experience.  It is common for a unit to last several weeks in speech because there are so many things that we can do with a book.  I hope that the year is starting well for you!